On 18 April 2021, the Frans Indongo Group (FIG), a proudly Namibian a proudly Namibian company leading a diversified group of companies donated 1300 grass bales towards aid relief for farming communities in Kunene, Namibia. The handover took place in Opuwo, Kunene.

At the onset of the dry spell, many communal farmers started grazing in constant migration and reducing livestock, placing families under tremendous strain. Despite the good rains received earlier this year, the drought continues to weigh heavily on five constituencies except for Outjo and Kamanjab. The donation follows the intervention and outreach of the Namibian Government on the critical situation in the Kunene Region. Livelihoods in Kunene heavily depend on livestock, contributing most to household food security. Now with little grazing area and livestock in an unmarketable condition, many communities are at risk of losing their main source of income. The grass bales will allow farmers to have stock feed slowing farmers’ relocation.

Founded in 1960 by Dr. Frans Indongo, the Frans Indongo Group is interwoven in the Namibian community, recognised for its pioneering spirit and a profound commitment to its clients, communities, and country. In light of this, by assisting drought-stricken farmers of today the Group finds utmost importance in contributing to the sustainability of tomorrow’s farming community, securing food security, and retention of the agricultural value chain. The devastating, unprecedented drought has lasted over seven years, with the year 2021 being the worst drought imaginable. As a Group, this donation displays our compassion and care for those in need within our communities.

We are proud to have assisted farmers, bringing hope amidst all the despair in the Kunene Region and would like to thank everyone that made it possible, among which Grain Carriers Namibia, an associated company of FIG that carried 50% of the transport cost

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