Left to right: Mr. Joseph Eiman, Acting Deputy Executive Director, Ministry of Health and Social Services, Dr. Farid Zam, Chief Medical Officer, Windhoek Central Hospital, Hon. Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Solly Amadhila, Chairman of Frans Indongo Trust and Ms Jacobina Lungameni and Mr Jeremy George from the Frans Indongo Group.

On October 13th, the Frans Indongo Group (FIG), through the Frans Indongo Trust, officially handed over a donation of One Million Namibian dollars to the Ministry of Health and Social Services as part of the Group’s contribution to the ongoing national response against the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The donation by the Frans Indongo Trust comes at a time when the country is still dealing with a difficult situation; even though the numbers have decreased since August 2021, there is still a need to assist the government in acquiring the necessary resources. The donation was used to procure oxygen concentrators and sanitisers to provide vital oxygen support to patients across the country.

Speaking at the handover ceremony, on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Social Services, the Honourable Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, thanked the Frans Indongo Trust for partnering with Government to address the current crisis facing the nation. “A global pandemic like COVID-19, requires a national and collective response, and it is my honour and privilege to extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Frans Indongo Trust for their donation of One Million Namibian dollars to the Ministry of Health and Social Services to assist the Ministry to procure sanitisers and oxygen concentrators which will provide vital oxygen support to patients” he said. “Responding to the request for support the Frans Indongo Trust did not hesitate to assist government efforts to manage, contain and curb the further spread of COVID-19” he added.

The Minister affirmed that Namibia’s early, and ongoing response to COVID-19 has been vigorous and effective and he signalled that the country is steadily emerging from one of the most devastating periods in the history of the Namibian public health sector.

In the current global climate, where businesses around the world are looking inward for ways to self-sustain and survive, the Frans Indongo Group, through their Trust, continues to demonstrate their unwavering commitment to continue making an impact and leaving a lasting legacy for the people of Namibia.

Speaking on behalf of the Frans Indongo Trust, the Chairperson, Dr. Salomo Natangwe Amadhila, reiterated the Group’s obligation to create positive futures for everyone, every day, by supporting individuals and businesses in being their best, and in doing so, honouring the Group’s commitment to shaping the nation’s future.

Although the philanthropic activities of the Frans Indongo Trust centre on education and entrepreneurship, the Chairperson of the Trust highlighted the importance of the donation, saying, “During these unprecedented times we saw it fit for the Trust to play a role in the fight against the pandemic to save lives. It is evident that together we can strengthen the emergency response capacity of the public health system throughout the country. By supporting the Ministry of Health and Social Services, it (the Ministry) will continue to benefit the people of Namibia and contribute to saving lives today, preparing for tomorrow” he emphasized.

The Covid-19 pandemic is not only a public health issue; it has also become a major economic issue, with far-reaching consequences for financial systems around the world. Since the Presidential Declaration of State of Emergency in March of last year, borders have been closed and social distancing measures have been implemented on a case-by-case basis, affecting everyone, and changing the way of life. Understandably, our communities and financial markets are struggling to deal with a rapidly unfolding situation that has never been seen before. The Frans Indongo Trust together with the Frans Indongo Group, believe that mitigating the effects of the pandemic will necessitate a collaborative effort from both the public and private sectors. This commitment will not only inform a broader spirit of renewal, hope, and faith among Namibians, but will also serve as a call to more private sector key players to assist in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This occasion today indeed reaffirms the importance of collaboration between the Government and the private sector which continues to grow from strength to strength. As the country continues to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, it is for everyone to play a part and assist in any way possible. ” the Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kaumbi Shangula said.

This donation reflects the Frans Indongo Group’s, through the Frans Indongo Trust, approach to corporate social responsibility informed by their desire to be a good corporate citizen and to make strategic social investments in the communities and environments in which they operate. To date the Frans Indongo Group through the Frans Indongo Trust, has donated a total of Two Million Namibian Dollars towards the COVID-19 Relief.

From its early inception in the retail sector, under the guidance of the renowned Dr. Frans Indongo, the Frans Indongo Group has grown to become a leading diversified investment company operating in various sectors in the Namibian economy.

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