Frans Indongo Trust

The Frans Indongo Trust was established in 1987 to manage its Funds and ensure the sustainability thereof, to oversee the conduct of and governance by the Trustees, and to perform various corporate social investment activities on behalf of the Group.

The Trust’s philanthropic activities center on education and entrepreneurship – activities that Dr. Frans Indongo values as pivotal for Namibians to rise out of poverty and to contribute to the nation’s socioeconomic profile.

Although Frans Indongo learned much of this business skill and acumen from “the school of life”, he is a strong believer in quality education and its ‘equalizing’ effect.  Moreover, he is a perfect example of the power of entrepreneurship. From his humble beginnings in the late 1950s to building a business empire with a national footprint that creates jobs for close to 500 Namibians, he has demonstrated the socioeconomic impact that entrepreneurs have the potential to create. It is against this backdrop that the Trust will continue empowering Namibian people and communities.

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Close to 500 employees

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Donated X Amount to the COVID-19 emergency relief efforts.

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Donated X Amount to the Twaloloka informal settlement fire victims in 2020

Human Resources Impact

Our close to 1000 people form the engine that propel our Group forward. Their insights and expertise allow FIG to thrive as a business and to create positive socioeconomic impacts on the Namibian landscape. It is for this reason that we invest in the development of their skills – upskilling them to take on new responsibilities and providing them with opportunities to rise to their full potential in the organisation.

Community Impact

Empowering communities is at the heart of the Frans Indongo Group’s corporate social responsibility philosophy. We believe that when we invest in the potential of people, we plant the seed that allows society to thrive in ways that reflect the best of what Namibia has to offer. It Is one of the many ways we shape today to own tomorrow.