The elements embodied in the FRANS INDONGO LOGO can be traced back to the values and traditions of its Founder, Dr Frans Indongo. Having to overcome hardships and adversity from an early age, Indongo realised that success begins from the inside.

Similar to the assembling of the Oshiwambo basket, which is weaved from the inside out, with natural resources, to secure a solid foundation before expanding. This has been graphically captured at the core of the logo (1). It is a skill that is learned and perfected over time, achieved only through hard work, determination and perseverance. In the same manner that such proficiencies are handed down from generation to generation, Indongo will entrust his business to the next generation to lead in a sustainable manner.

The second facet of the logo represents elements of endorsement, which epitomise the person behind the Group, its founder, Dr Frans Indongo. By encompassing his name and a touch of his signature (2), it endorses the subsidiaries that form part of the Frans Indongo Group of companies.

These two key aspects visually demonstrate the crux of the Frans Indongo Group brand.

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