Welcome to the Frans Indongo Group

There is an Oshiwambo saying, Ohaka yala noluhozi lumwe, (A little Bird starts with one straw) meaning, all beginnings are small. Through sheer hard work, persistence and determination, the bird builds a nest to protect and nourish its next generation.

With a pioneering spirit and the ability to transform small opportunities into successful prospects, we have grown from humble Namibian beginnings into a leading diversified investment company, all with the aim to create a sustainable future for our partners, our community and our nation.

About Us

The foundations of the Frans Indongo Group were established in the mid 1950’s by a then unknown and very poor entrepreneur, Frans Aupa Indongo. Under the auspice of the ever-enterprising and now renowned Indongo, the Group has grown to become a leading diversified investment company. Operating in the fishing, farming, property, automotive , fuel, manufacturing and hospitality sectors, the Group has become notorious for its pioneering spirit, ability to see potential where others fear to look and commitment to its clients, communities and country.

The Group’s guiding principles are deeply embedded in the vision and values instilled by its founder: integrity, innovation, excellence, shared value, hard work, hard work and more hard work.

Frans Indongo Gardens in the heart of Windhoek is home to the Group’s head office. The building was designed by the infamous Chase & Holmes Architects and consists of 16 storeys.

Our Story

Since childhood, Indongo has advocated that “a little is the basis of a lot. Not much, the makings of many”. In the face of adversity, as a young black man, he stopped at nothing to generate income through various ventures, whether it was hunting, drying meat, cutting wood, selling goods, building huts or sewing.

Our Profile

When Indongo founded his business, he primarily focused on the retail sector, with a vision to establish a network of shops, the magnitude of which was initially thought to be impossible. But with hard work and determination, he succeeded in doing just that.